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Lulus Return Policy – Lulus Refund and Exchange Policy

Every buyer wants the free shipping policy from their favorite brands and stores, and for this reason, lulus offer you their excellent free return policy. Products being sold from the official Lulus store or online store are only eligible for a refund or replacement and must be in a non-reactive condition, with valid tags still attached. You will get a brief idea about Lulu’s return policy in this article.

What is Lulus Return Policy?

With Lulus, customers can purchase products stress-free and within the timeframe mentioned in the policy and if they are unhappy with the product, they can return it and get a full refund.

  • As per Lulus return policy, the item can be returned within 30 days. If the company doesn’t receive it within 30 days of purchasing or labeling- it won’t be counted as a refundable item, and items will be sent back to the buyer. 
  • If you want to taste the Lulus free shipping, you must return it within 10 days of purchasing. If the returned date extends after 10 days according to the shipping history, then the $7 charge will be deducted as a shipping charge from the refund amount. 

For those who have a negative experience, there is a chance that you can fix the issues within ten days by contacting customer service and telling them the details. They will give you detailed instructions on how to address the problem.

Lulus Dresses Return Policy

  • Lulus doesn’t accept any used or washed clothes for hygiene purposes. The clothes must have original tags while returning.  

What is the return policy on shoes?

  • The buyer must be returned the purchased shoes in the original shoe box with the shipping label. The Broken or damaged shoe box won’t be accepted. 

What is the return policy on makeup?

  • Beauty accessories like makeup and cosmetics are refundable if they are unused and with their original packaging. 
  • The hallmark must be undamaged. Items must be returned with the same size as it was purchased. 

Is the shipping charge applicable?

  • If the buyer receives any broken or damaged items, then the shipping charge is applicable.  

What is the holiday return policy of Lulus?

  • The item is bought during the holiday sale, or the seasonal sale cannot be returned. 

What is the gift card return policy?

  • According to Lulus return policy, gift cards bought from Lulus cannot be returned for a refund. 

What is the Lulus exchange policy?

Lulus exchange policy comes with some basic terms and conditions that every buyer should know. 

  • During this COVID 19 situation, the Lulus is now offering only online exchanges, and the refund will be issued on debit or credit cards.  The buyer can call the customer care service if they have any confusion regarding refunds.
  • Exchange policy is only applicable to the same items, and buyers can get it in different sizes. The customer service can guide to assist the buyer for different colors and styles which are available.  
  • The buyer can exchange one time for each item.  
  • For US buyers, the online exchanges are only available at a limited Lulus retail shop.   
  • Final season sale-purchased over $25 is applicable for exchange if there is a different size is available.  
  • For all online exchanges, the validity to exchange items is 30 days from the delivery.

Non-refundable clauses for Lulus 

  • Items with stains like makeup, perfume, deodorant, or secondhand sign are not eligible for exchange.   
  • Beauty products must be unbroken and delivered with original tags and packaging.
  • Shoes must be delivered with the original box. Without the original box and packaging slip, purchased shoes are not accepted.  
  • Items which are sold in sets are not eligible for exchange.