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Neiman Marcus Return Policy – Refund and Exchange Policy

Neiman Marcus is one of the USA’s popular brands, and to sustain its popularity, Neiman Marcus has introduced a conventional and easy-to-handle return policy for their earnest buyers. Let’s have a look at Neiman Marcus’s return policy.

Neiman Marcus Return Policy

As we all know, returning and exchanging items is always hectic work for all buyers. For this reason, Neiman Marcus’s return policy provides a smart and straightforward return policy to its customers. I am happy to share that Neiman Marcus accepts purchased items and offers a full refund and exchange if any buyer is not satisfied with the product with free shipping charges.

Returns are only accepted within 30 days of purchasing with the original receipt and price tag, but the items should be new, unused, unworn, and unbroken.  The return will be given to the customers within 10-12 business days. 

Neiman Marcus Last Call Return Policy

Suppose the buyer has purchased items from Neiman Marcus Last Call. In that case, the return policy will apply for 30 days with a receipt, and the buyer can also get the facility of exchanging the item within 30 days if the things are unbroken, saleable, and unused.

  • Without original price tags, invoices, and original packaging- Neiman Marcus doesn’t provide any return or exchange facility.
  • Customized, altered clothing, personal items, and final sale items are not accepted as returned items.   

Neiman Marcus Online Return Policy

If you have bought an item online and want to return it online, you must follow some specific steps.

  1. Log in to your Neiman Marcus account. 
  2. There will be a form that you have to fill up with all your details, including your order numbers, Email address, and contact number (optional)
  3. After filling up, the online return form will be accepted for Neiman Marcus. If the returned time lies within 30 days, the buyer will get a full refund within 10-12 days.   
  4. Your online order will come with a USPS shipping label, and this USPS label will help you to return the item to Neiman Marcus through a USPS,
  5. No shipping charge is applicable for returning via online or mail.

Neiman Marcus Return Policy After 60 Days

Yes! Neiman Marcus policy maintains some strict rules and regulations but this return policy also offers their buyer to return the purchased items within 60 days of buying. 

  • If the buyer returns the items within 60 days, the refund value will be deducted by 25%. This is only applicable for the first 60 days. 
  • If the return timing extends by the buyers after 121 days, then 50% of the returned amount will be deducted.   
  • After 121 days, 50% of the refund amount will be reduced. After 180 days, the buyer won’t get any refund. 

Neiman Marcus in-store Return Policy

Neiman Marcus accepts the purchased items in-store also. If you are buying any items from the local Neiman Marcus store, you can return them quickly with the original receipt and original price tag within 30 days.  

Return Policy On Books 

You can return or exchange books from any Neiman Marcus shop, and the return will be refunded immediately through Debit/Credit or by cash.