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Nordstrom Return Policy – All You Need to Know About Returns & Refunds

Nordstrom is one of the famous USA chains of exclusive retail stores. If you are a frequent buyer of the Nordstrom brand, you should know their return and exchange policy.  By understanding the Nordstrom return policy, you will better know which item can be returned or which not.

What is Nordstrom’s Return Policy?

  • The buyers of Nordstrom company keep wondering how many days are offered for returning their purchased items.
  • Due to COVID 19, there is a change in their return policy. Nordstrom’s rack return policy takes some severe safety measures and protections. Returning items is still applicable, but it can be delayed due to the pandemic situation.  
  • In general, the Nordstrom return policy offers 45 days to their buyers to return purchased items after buying online or in-store.

Nordstrom Rack Online Return Policy

Are you thinking of returning your item during this COVID pandemic situation? You can return your item online as the Nordstrom return policy offers you their return service without any hassle.

The buyer needs to follow some specific steps to return the items online. The steps are mentioned below: 

  • Log in to your Nordstrom rack account and selected the item which you want to return. 
  • You will get a form where you have to put the correct order number and billing zip code.
  • Nordstrom will provide a shipping label after conforming to the return. 
  • You need to put the shipping label on the purchased item and send it to Nordstrom Company.
  • The return is chargeable, and the shipping charge is $5.95 for the U.S. and $10.95 for Canada. The shipping charge for returning items will be deducted from your refund. 

Nordstrom Rack Return Policy With Receipt

  • With original receipt and price tags- clothing, shoes, women accessories, jewelry, sunglasses, etc. can be returned within 45 days of purchasing from the Nordstrom rack brand.   
  • After 45 days, the Nordstrom rack return policy doesn’t offer a full refund. 50% of the refund will be deducted from the buying amount. The late return will be mentioned in the shipping label.   

Nordstrom Rack Return Policy No Receipt

  • Nordstrom rack has been maintaining a very fair and strict return policy. One famous store in the US- Nordstrom rack, doesn’t approve any purchased item without original receipt and price tags.
  • Without the original receipt, Nordstrom rack can’t approve your items like shoes, fine jewelry from David Yurman, apparel, accessories, home decors.

Nordstrom Rack Holiday Return Policy

  • According to Nordstrom’s return policy- any damaged, broken, used, and washed items are not eligible for return. The non-refundable items are: 
  • Men and women Clothing  
  • Shoes
  • Home décor and items
  • Women accessories including bags, sunglasses, fragrance, leather goods, fine jewelry, watches 
  • Beauty products like makeup and cosmetics  
  • These are refundable if those are not marked as a Final or holiday sale.  

Nordstrom Shoe Return Policy

  • The Nordstrom shoe return policy allows shoes to return, but the shoes must be delivered with the original packaging and shipping label. 
  • They purchased shoes or footwear that must be unworn and new. No worn shoes are eligible for return. 

Nordstrom Rack Store Return Policy 

If you think about whether The Nordstrom rack offers their return policy in-store, then the answer is yes! To know more about what is the return policy for Nordstrom, you can get more information on the Reddit website. But Nordstrom rack offers its return facility in its US store. 

Nordstrom Rack Return Policy After 90 days

Many customers ask whether the Nordstrom rack return policy approves items over 90 days or not! Till now, there is no specific announcement about this change in the return policy. The Nordstrom rack has not declared any news on this.