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Petsmart Return Policy – Refunds & Restrictions (Online/In-Store Returns)

Petsmart gives its buyers full freedom to return the purchased items if they are not satisfied. But the Petsmart return policy doesn’t allow an unlimited time limit. They have some serious terms and conditions on their return policy that all the buyers need to know. 

What is Petsmart’s Return Policy?

Petsmart’s return policy is quite simple and convenient. It allows you to return animal food items, clothes, accessories, fish tanks, etc. if you are not a satisfied buyer of   

Petsmart Online Return Policy

Except for medication items, PetSmart accepts the purchased items online. The items must have their original packaging with a shipping label. The refund will be issued by quickly.

Petsmart In-Store Return Policy

Petsmart allows you to return your online purchase at any local PetSmart retail shop. The buyer must provide the item with the original packaging slip or the shipping confirmation label or the mail as proof of buying.  

Petsmart allows a flexible refund as it accepts Debit or credit cards. If the buyer wants a refund as their store credit, the refund will be paid on a merchandise card.  

Petsmart Return With A Receipt

  • With receipt, the PetSmart buyer can return items within 60 days after purchase. You will get the refund as the original payment method as Petsmart allows a Debit/Credit/ full cashback return policy. 
  • If you paid the purchase price with a check, the refund would be issued with a merchandise card or cash and 10 days waiting time.  
  • Buying on the credit card will be credited to the original card or a store return card. Debit card purchases will be refunded as cashback.
  • Store return cards cannot be used for cash.
  • If the buyer wants to return over 60 days, then a valid ID proof and the product is needed while returning in-store.  

Restrictions on Return

Without the original receipt, Petsmart doesn’t approve of the return policy. The buyer must have a valid receipt to return or exchange that is valued at $10 or more, and the list is given below:

  • Electronic goods like pet’s collars, fencing, and training items
  • Grooming tools for pet dogs 
  • Filters or pumps for pets 
  • Non-prescribed pet medication or vitamins

Petsmart Fish Return Policy

For the fish return policy the time limit is 14 days. Make sure the buyer keeps the original receipt, and if the fish dies, put the dead fish in a small container and return it with the receipt at the store. 

Petsmart also takes care of exchanging or replacing your dead fish by providing you a live fish instantly. 

Petsmart Returns Policy on Animals

PetSmart offers you a 14-day return policy on all small animals such as guinea pigs, snakes, turtles, etc. 

Petsmart Food Return Policy

Food items are also eligible for return within 60 days with the original receipt. The refund will be issued on the buyer’s original payment method.  

Petsmart Pet Return Policy

Within 14 days, you can return pets such as fish, reptiles, and birds if you are not happy with the pet and get a full refund. Petsmart offers you 14 days pet return policy. You can also get a return on buying guinea pigs.

Petsmart Cat Adoption Return Policy

Petsmart doesn’t sell cats or dogs, but they have another section of adaptation cats and dogs. If you love to adopt cats or dogs, you may visit their online shopping site for more information.

Petsmart Return Policy Opened Items

If you are not satisfied with your buying, you can send it to Petsmart with the original receipt and shipping box.

Petsmart has a policy that states that customers can return any non-promotional items for a money-back payment only. Petsmart does not offer any types of refunds on shipping, handling, or taxes.