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Sam’s Club Return Policy | With or Without Receipt | Open Box Returns

Sam’s Club’s online shopping store is very popular because of its best offers and seasonal deals on various products, including electronics, air mattresses, computers, printers, jewelry, food, cell phones, and so many. Most of Sam’s club buyers love their flexible return policy as they provide the best customer service, and they should also know the return policy for Sam’s club.

What is Sam’s Club Return Policy?

  • If you are thinking about the time limit of returning purchased items from Sam’s club, let me inform you that there is no exact time limit according to Sam’s club’s return policy. 
  • There are some exceptional terms and conditions, and those are mentioned in this article also.
  • In order to use the Sam’s Club return policy, a member first visits a participating Sam’s Club outlet, with a purchased product, and then must return the product within a certain amount of time to get the equivalent discount applied on previous item. All discounts are applied to the total cost of the merchandise.

Sam’s Club Return Policy With Receipt

  • Sam’s club gives an excellent return opportunity to its dedicated buyers who keep their original receipts with original tags. 
  • With receipt, Sam’s Club gives you a full refund immediately as the form of original payment.
  • The shipping charges are non-refundable, and they will be deducted from the refund amount.
  • If the buyer is not satisfied with the item or the item is broken or damaged, Sam’s club will bear the shipping charge.  

Sam’s Club Return Policy Without Receipt

  • Yes! You can return your purchased items like clothes, jewelry, makeup, iPods, contact lenses, etc., then you can also return it without a receipt. 
  • After checking their database and selling records- Sam’s club will refund your payment without a receipt.  

Sam’s club Return Policy on Electronics

  • For electronics goods, Sam’s club’s return policy provides an easy and quick policy.
  • If you want to return electronics like TVs, computers, car batteries, and other electronic gadgets, you will have a time limit of 90 days of purchasing.   
  • For cellphones, the time limit is 14 days of buying.  

Sam’s Club Mattress Return

  • If you want to return your air mattresses, Sam’s club gives you 90 days to return the item in the store. 
  • Many buyers keep wondering how many days Sam’s club approves returned parcels from their buyers regarding food items. 

Sam’s Club Open Box Return

  • This is one of the general questions of most of Sam’s club buyers. Does Sam’s club accept open boxes?
  • Yes! Sam’s club accepts opened and used boxes from the buyer. 

Sam’s Club Membership Policy for Returns

  • If you are impressed enough by Sam’s club’s unlimited return policy, you can get their membership club anytime. 
  • By having Sam’s club membership, you will get a full refund of your purchased item all the time. 

Non-Refundable Items From Sam’s Club

According to Sam’s club’s return policy, there are some items that are not refundable. The list is given below:

  • Gift Cards or discounted cards from Sam’s club
  • Hearing Aids
  • Ticket Sales.
  • Prescriptions
  • Car Tires and Batteries because it depends on the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Alcohol and drinks 
  • Cigarettes and Tobacco sticks
  • Personalized and customized Items
  • Contact Lenses
  • Sunglasses (14 days return policy from purchasing)

Sam’s Club has a payment protection plan. In the event that you are unable to make your Club Return, you will be able to exchange the items for a credit of equal value. There are multiple plans therefore, it is important to check all details before purchasing any plans.